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Addition, Sustraction, Multiplication, and Division is Accounting!

Accounting and AuditingAre you planning to start a new business? Did you start a new business?

Then proper maintenance of books of accounts is essential. Because laying down right accounting system, policies and procedure will ensure proper book keeping and accurate financial result.

To set up effective accounting system, implementation of the system, procedure and policies requires:

  • Experience
  • Understanding of Business
  • Knowledge of various systems and its implications
  • Review of current system
  • Designing suitable Accounting System
  • Consultancy in relation to compliance with various statutory requirements
  • Implementation of Right Accounting System
  • Prepare Financial Reports required by Management
Accounting is to set up a right system of keeping the books of accounts to get accurate financial result, whereas Auditing is to get the control on the system of keeping the books of accounts.

Benefits of Accounting and Auditing:
  • Reliability of Financial Statements:
    Accounting and Auditing helps to run the business efficiently and effectively. Accounting and auditing process displays the accurate financial result and accurate performance of the company that creates the reliability.

  • Safeguard the interest:
    By providing the correct financial results, Accounting and auditing protect the interests of the people who have invested their money in the business. Process of Accounting and Auditing safeguards the interest of the investors who are directly not involved with management.

  • Keeps the employees away from the frauds:
    In any business, management is not much involved in day to day small activities. Certain Financial Activities are assigned to the employees. There have always been chances of fraud or Scam. Accounting and Auditing keeps the employees away from fraud or Scam.

  • Controls the wastage and losses:
    In absence of Accounting and Internal Auditing, the management will never have the clear picture of the wastage and losses of material or labour or other operational services.
Audit Report is helpful:
  • To settle the taxes
  • To get the Loans
  • To Purchase for business
  • To obtain License for trading
  • To acquire the grant from Government has a team of immensely experienced Chartered Accountants and Cost Accountants to manage the Accounts and Audit of large, mid-sized, and small companies from across the globe. provides Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation indifferent categories including Real Estate, Restaurants, Hotels, Constructions, Advertising Agencies, Placement Services, Doctors, Attorneys, Architects, Engineers, Stores, Retail Shops, Stock Brokers, Bakers, and Manufacturing Companies and much more. is dedicated:
  • To provide accurate, timely, and cost effective Accounting Services
  • To ensure the privacy policy of clients
  • To plan activities with the ultimate goal of long term satisfaction
  • To see the service is not rendered on the basis of short cuts
  • To utilize latest technology to ensure data safety, based in Mumbai, delivers a bouquet of services in financial sector across the globe.

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