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Investment and PlaningFinancial Investment Planning is a process of setting financial goals for sound financial future.Financial planning plays crucial in helping individual get most out of their money. Financial planning is a road map to the future. A good plan will help in creating long term wealth and provide considerable immunity against fluctuating economy. A good plan will let you buy a car, purchase house, fund child’s education, save for dream vacation, make an arrangement for unexpected, and create enough finance for blissful retirement.

Financial Planning varies from person to person and depends on level of income, age of the person, risk factors, and the responsibilities of the person. However, there are some components which remain common across financial planning.

Investment Planning:
Good investment, concrete planning and diversification are the hallmark of good personal finance portfolio. When time is good, sock it away. Whenever you spend any money on anything, take a minute to evaluate whether your spending is right. Make investment planning to create and accumulate capital and cash-flow to achieve pre-determined goals.

Insurance Planning:
Life is uncertain. Life is not a bed of roses always. Be sure your life and your property are properly insured. Insurance protects your property and your family. To cope up with unexpected uncertainty, making plan for risk management through insurance products is very essential.

Tax Planning:
One has to plan for reduction of tax through certain investments and spending that saved tax saving to other investment purposes. There are many form of investment that helps to reduce tax such as: RBI Bonds, RBI Relief Bonds, Postal Savings, National Saving Certificates, Kisan Vikas Patra, Public Provident Fund, Life Insurance payments, Unit Linked Insurance Plan, Senior Citizen Saving Scheme, and many more.

Real Estate Planning:
To plan for creation, accumulation, conservation, and distribution of Real Estate and other Assets.

Retirement Planning:
With proper investment, ensuring the financial independence at the time of retirement including PPF, EPF and other pension plans.

Liability Management:
A good financial plan helps to manage cash-flow in most efficient manner. It also allows identifying the best way. It is always better to know what you need in future so that you can balance your cash flow accordingly. Maintaining and enhancing personal cash flow through debt and life style management. will help you create a solid financial investment plan that gives you most out of your investments, protects you family and property, reduce your taxes, and create independent retirement.

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