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Gone are the days when people would use their cash reserve and personal savings to buy a car, two Vehicle Financewheelers or a commercial vehicle. Now-a- days loans are available for these purposes and almost all, individuals and companies, choose to buy them on instalments. The benefit of buying vehicles on instalments is a liberty of not paying huge amount upfront. Just by paying some interests, consumers can have a luxury of having a car or their dream vehicle without huge investment.

In recent years, due to economic growth, India is witnessing a huge surge in sales in automotive sector. Due to easy availability of Auto Loans, Car Loans, and Truck Loans the sales figures of all leading automobile manufacturers are on phenomenal rise. Banks and the Financial Institutions are offering Auto Loans, Car Loans, and Truck Loans at affordable interest rate to increase the consumer base. Car Loans and Scooter Loans are the fastest division in the auto loan sector.Vehicles required for commercial purpose are also financed by cheapest interest rates.

Types of Auto Loans:
  • Two Wheelers Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans
Tips to Follow Before Vehicle Loans:
  • How Much You Can Afford:
  • Dreams are always jazzy. Ask a question yourself. Can I afford it within my income? Make an assessment of a monthly instalment. Based on your payment capabilities, Bank will finance your vehicle.

  • Cost of Dream Car:
  • You may love the car that your Managing Director drives, but you may not be able to afford the price Tag. You have to go for the options whose price tags are within your reach.

  • Priorities:
  • You may be able to afford an automobile with high price tag, but paying big instalment monthly may hurt you. On the other hand you may want to save interest even of instalment is little high because in the long run you will gain. You need to find out whether convenience of payment or low interest rate is more significant for you.

  • Find a Dream vehicle:
  • Now you may have a figure for the car that you can afford. Now it’s step to choose your car. Find out a manufacturer, a model, color, and for your convenience the main distributor nearest you.

  • Be Ready for Unexpected:
  • You have to add some extra expenses to the cost of the car. Do not forget to add car maintenance, cost of the fuel, Monthly Interest, Insurance Premium to the cost of the vehicle. Total cost will be the Cost of the Vehicle.

Maximum Loans Offered By Banks for Auto Loan:
In the case of new vehicles, banks and Financial Institutions generally offer 85% to 90% of the total cost of the vehicle, whereas for Used Vehicles 75% to 80%. Repayment is decided by Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI).

Interest Charged by Banks and Lenders:
Obviously, Public Sector Banks are offering lower Interest rate than Private Financial Institutions. Most of the Banks and the Financial Institutions don’t charge processing fees. Although some of the Banks and Financial Institutions do charge minimum processing fees for used and Second Hand Vehicles.

Documents required for Auto Loans:
  • Application Form
  • Photographs
  • Last Three Years Income Proof
  • Proof of Residence
  • In the case of Public or Private Company, a certified copy of MOA and AOA
Banks Offering Vehicle Finance:
  • Bank of India: BOI Star AutoFin Scheme
  • State bank of India: SBI Car Loans
  • Standard Chartered Bank: Auto OverDraft
  • HDFC Bank: Fast Track Schemes
  • United Bank of India: United Car Loan Scheme
  • ICICI Bank: Financier for Auto Loan
  • Andhra Bank: Vanita Vahan Scheme
Terms and Conditions may vary from Bank to Bank

It is one part of the middle class dream to own a cool car along with the cushy job and the own home. Currently, very low percentage of people chooses to buy a car outright. Most of the buyers go through car finance option. All that's needed is a sufficiently good income and all the vehicle papers in place. will help you get a maximum Vehicle Loan Amount with low interest rate. will help you to get a loan on widest range of car make, maximum amount of finance, Flexible repayment options, speedy loan processing, lowest interest rate, hassle free documentation, and lowest instalment.

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