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Rupee Is One of the Strongest Currencies of the world!

NRI Investment in India is a Financial Broker company specialised in NRI Investment offering investment options such as: Investment in Mutual Funds, Online Trading-DMAT, Future Trades and Options, Online Banking, NRI Insurance Solutions, Investment and Finance in Real estate, and Obtaining Loans from India.

Mutual Funds: is a leading distributor of various Mutual Funds Schemes from various reputed companies such as: Reliance Mutual Funds, HDFC Mutual Funds, Birla Sun Life, ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds, Tata Mutual Fund, UTI Mutual Fund, SBI-Magnum Mutual Fund, and Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund. We help you get highest return through best performing Mutual Funds in India.

Shares trading online: assists Non Resident Indians to open online share trading account to trade stocks in Indian Stock Market, Invest in Mutual Funds, apply for Initial Public Offering on National Stock Exchange, and Bombay Stock Exchange. Our Financial Experts are always ready to help you.

Future Trades Options:
Since last few decades, Indian Stock Market is booming with huge inflow of money. Many NRI Investors want to speculate in stock market but they lack basic guidance. We have simplified some basic guidelines that need to be followed while investing in stock market. You get ideas of investing in right scrip that will be based on your research.

Indian DeMat Account:
The whole system of shareholding is online. Instead of holding cash like a bank account, DeMat Account holds the shares, stocks, and Securities. First of all to trade in Stock Market, DeMat Account needs to be opened. After that Bank will open a Trade Account and Saving Account that helps to trade. Once the shares are bought, they are deposited into DeMat Account and as soon as it is sold the result get reflected. There are charges for opening such account for trading shares, annual maintenance charges and other regular expenses for holding shares in demat account. Our Experts will help you set up necessary acoounts to facilitate stock trading online.

Life Insurance is important because life itself is extremely precious. Insurance sector in India has great potential. With Global players, Insurance division in India has witnessed the greatest change in last decade.

NRI (Non Resident Indians) including PIOs and OCIs can trade in Derivatives Segment out of the Rupee funds held in India on non-repatriable basis (NRO). This means they can trade futures and options in the Indian stock market. can assist you to obtain Custodian Participation Code, to open F & O Trading Account, and opening a Bank Account with UTI Bank in NRO (Non Resident Ordinary) status.

Tax Services for NRIs:
Indian Income Tax Rules are complicated. And if the person is not a resident, it will be difficult to understand. So offers the assistance to file a Tax return online in India. The IT Department requires to know that if you are Non-Resident and working in India, you HAVE to file Tax Return for as per Income tax Rule, any income earned anywhere in Indian territory is Taxable. At the same time, Non Resident living in India and earnings from anywhere outside of the Indian Territory will not be taxed. Only those Incomes are taxable that is generated from within the Indian Territory. Coming to stocks, if you are a Non Resident Indian selling stocks you are not chargeable. However a resident Indian has to comply by the tax guidelines and pay tax. Paying the Tax on GDR and ADR of an Indian Company depends on the residential status. GDR and ADR are Foreign Securities, and so NRI need not to pay tax on them. Salaries and allowances of Indian company’s employees, deployed outside of the country, are taxable. Here too technicians are permitted to facilitate 75% tax deduction benefits under Section 80 RRA, within six months at the end of the financial year. The remaining 25% income is taxable at a marginal rate.

Banking: offer a wide range of savings and other bank related services to all NRI banking requirements. Our goal is to provide assistance to our Non Resident Indian, PIO (Person of Indian Origin) and OCI (Overseas Citizenship holder) living abroad to choose the right Indian bank before you open your internet banking account. We provide various options to our clients where they can do internet banking online and banks in India that offer the lowest fees or have minimum balance requirement to maintain.

  • NRE Account (Non-Resident External Account):
    To park your overseas earnings in rupee denominated savings, current, fixed and recurring deposit accounts. Principal and interest fully repatriable and you can also use this account for foreign remittances as well.

  • NRO Account (Non-Resident Ordinary Account):
    NRO Bank Account is required to park your Indian earnings in rupee denominated savings, current, fixed and recurring deposit accounts. Conditional repatriability possible.

  • FCNR Account: (Foreign Currency Non Resident Account):
    To park your overseas earnings in Foreign Currency Fixed deposits account and mitigate the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. Principal and interest is fully repatriable.

  • PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme):
    To invest in Indian Secondary market on repatriable and non repatriable basis via designated branches of Axis Bank.

  • RFC (Resident Foreign Currency Account):
    To retain your funds in foreign currency in case you are returning back to India for good.

Apply for PAN Number:
PAN stands for Permanent Account Number which is now mandatory as per the Indian IT department if one needs to invest in India, file income tax returns or want to conduct any kind of financial & investment related transaction. Basically a Permanent Account Number (PAN) refers to a 10 digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card by the Income Tax in India. assists NRIs, PIO clients and foreign firms to apply for a pan card online. Our goal is to guide NRIs and companies registered outside India or in other international companies and organizations to register for their pan numbers without any problems.

Forex Trading:
It has always been a subject of debate in India whether FOREX trading is legal or illegal. If you are doing it through NSE, it is very much legal. After decades of leaving investor without any option of making money, now Indian FOREX market has been opened for traders and investors. Earlier there had been a market for non-deliverable forward trading with RBI monitoring in currency. But currency future were banned until the RBI decided after Indian Rupee Futures were trading on Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange. Now Traders are easily trading US dollars against Indian Rupees. will provide all the facilities to suit the requirements of Traders and Investors.

Real Estate:
The Real Estate has been remained one of the most favourite as an investment sector. However, Real Estate Investment sector carries some of its own risk factors. Prices of Real estate depend on the economy, growth, master plan, and infrastructure of the location.

Today there are lots of options of loans available for NRIs (Non Residents Indians), PIOs (Person of Indian Origin), and OCIs (Overseas Citizens of India). Life has always been remained unexpected. In the period of recession, people overseas have lost jobs and it has been quite difficult to survive and manage the life in far off territory. In order to make their lives easier, Government of India has come up with various schemes and options to help them. offers comprehensive and wide-ranging financial services to NRIs under one roof.

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